CÓMO FUNCIONA El oído: maravilla de la naturaleza

Las funciones del sentido del oído se relacionan directamente con la superviviencia

Analizar cómo funciona el oído es una clase magistral de ingeniería: el oído es una máquina de precisión diseñada  por la naturaleza. Su principal cometido no es otro que transmitir el sonido  exterior al medio líquido del sistema nervioso, e interpretarlo por el cerebro. Y todo ello, a una velocidad asombrosa.  Pero es profundizando en cómo funciona el oído cuando se comprende hasta qué punto es admirable su diseño. Porque además de transmitir hasta el cerebro el sonido, es capaz de discernir entre diferentes tonos, timbres, cadencias y volúmenes. La orientación del oído es estereofónica, ya que se orienta de manera que calcular distancias, direcciones y velocidades en relación con el sonido.  También es capaz de “discriminar” los sonidos de […]

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Osteoarthritis is one of the main factors of joint pain and disability in the adult population. It consists of an inflammatory process that affects, above all, the joints of the hands, knees and hips. An alternative to avoid these pains is the collagen for the joints. Worldwide, osteoarthritis is the fourth cause of morbidity in women over 60 and the eighth in men. This fact gives even greater relevance to the use of collagen for joints. The source of joint pain Cartilage is the firm and elastic tissue that protects the bones in the joints and allows them to slide over one another. But when, over time, it breaks and wears out, it causes the bones to rub against each […]

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Foods rich in Omega 3 are very important for the functioning of our body. They influence our cardiovascular health, are part of our nervous system, have an important influence on our brain, are anti-inflammatory and provide many other vital benefits for our body. As our body does not synthesize it, the only way to obtain it is through food. Omega 3 can be easily found in fish (especially on your skin). And to preserve it correctly it is important not to cook them at high temperatures and, above all, never fry them. Recommended daily dose of Omega 3 The recommended daily amount of Omega 3 that we should ingest depends, basically, on the age and gender of each person. In […]

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