When we talk about the streaming music market it is obvious to everyone that Spotify is still king. Followed at a distance by Apple Music. However, Amazon’s music service, Amazon Music Unlimited, has arrived with great force. Of occupying the number 14 in the ranking, in this moments it is already the third favorite option of the users.

At least, this is what is revealed by the MIDiA Research study, carried out a few months ago. According to MIDiA, with 16.10% of subscriptions, Amazon Music Unlimited is the third streaming service chosen by users, pressing Apple Music with 28.2% in second place. Spotify, with 58.36% of the market, still enjoys the laurels of first place.


Amazon Music Unlimited among the great streaming music

Out of more than 162 million streaming music subscribers, more than 16 million paid subscribers have chosen the Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited options. These figures are what made the music service of the e-commerce giant pass in such a short time from a distant 14th place to the recent third place, threatening the second place of Appel Music.

Although it still has a long way to go to reach its two main rivals, Apple Music and Spotify, its upward trajectory augurs a bright future. Much of its success is due to its commercial strategy, very similar to that of Apple. If Apple Music succeeds as it enriches Apple’s ecosystem, Amazon seeks to enrich Prime’s. Thus, like Appel did with iTunes and the iPod, it is applying a similar strategy with its Amazon Echo and Fire TV products for Prime. In this way, the whole environment of Alexa, Echo and Prime combine as secret weapons of access to the new musical experiences of Amazon Music Unlimited.


The keys of Amazon Music Unlimited

Previously, in our post, Amazon Music Unlimited, the new streaming music alternative, we already told you about the advantages of the Amazon Music music service:

A catalog with more than 50 million songs
Special conditions for Amazon Prime members
A service without ads
Personalized recommendations
Wide multi-channel (included in vehicles such as BMW or Mini)


But the giant of Jeff Bezos has continued to improve and introduce new features that make this streaming music service even more interesting:

 Continuous expansion: Amazon Music Unlimited is now available in more than 28 countries.
Now available on Chromecast: Amazon has added support for Google Chromecast, so Amazon Music and Amazon Music Unlimited users can now send music to their speakers and televisions if they have the popular Google device.
More exclusive content and agreements with artists: An example was the agreement with the artist Pablo Alborán, so that Amazon Music Unlimited users could enjoy exclusively two acoustic versions of the singer’s last album, Prometheus.
Participation in events: Amazon Music sponsored the inaugural night of Country Radio Seminar 2018. In addition to the different musical performances, the seminar attendees had the opportunity to experience the Amazon Echo with the natural voice commands of Amazon Music when they joined to the virtual assistant Alexa.

What does the future hold

Amazon Music will continue its unstoppable march to surpass its top competitors, Apple Music and Spotify. Amazon’s streaming music service continues its implementation in new countries and, little by little, increases the number of compatible devices.

The most recent case is that of Google’s Chromecast, but it is already negotiating agreements with Samsung to have the application available through its Smart TV. It is also negotiating with the full range of HEON wireless devices from Henon. In addition, it has set its sights on connected vehicles, so it is very possible that soon we will see new car companies reach agreements with Amazon to include their service.

Like Apple Music and Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited has already experimented with exclusive content and agreements with artists. Amazon knows that it is something that the user values ​​very specially and it is a line of work that is going to be exploited very intensely.

And, of course, we can not ignore the bet of Amazon Music for the customization of the service thanks to the AI ​​and the union of forces with its virtual assistant Alexa and devices like Amazon Echo. Definitely, Spotify and Apple Music have a tough competitor.

If you are interested in enjoying the benefits of the Amazon Music service you can try it for free for a month. You only have to access the Amazon Music Unlimited website.


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