Already is little bit for Halloween! And as you know, one of the most sought after costumes for this year is the zombie costume, so today we are going to give some tips to get a good zombie makeup.


If you’re thinking zombie dress up this Halloween, you’re sure you’ll pass from death! Getting the costume will not be very difficult, but the important thing is that you ride a good zombie makeup. Watch for our advice:


zombie makeup


The basis of all zombie makeup is white. The zombies have to have a pale and haggard, so spreads paint your face wax white or pale base makeup you own.

To encourage haggard you have to paint you a big dark circles, to do this you can get black eyes pencil or eye shadow and blur its effect on areas of dark circles, cheeks and neck.

A good zombie is full of bruises all over his body. You can hacértelos purples and greens applying to different areas of your crayons or eyeshadows body.

A good zombie makeup needs blood through the mouth and neck, as well as in the area where the zombie who turned it bit him. Do not forget to book some of your artificial blood to aplicártela on the wounds!

To give it a little easier, here we leave a very simple video:




Given the basics, we explain how to get a good zombie makeup for Halloween in six steps:

To achieve this need:

Black eyeliner.
Foundation cream green.
Foundation cream white.
artificial blood.
Foundation cream.
Make up brushes.
Putty makeup.
Makeup sponges.




1 – Apply a white base all over your face, including your lips. With makeup sponge add pat triangular shape in a thin layer.

2 – Add green tint on your base giving some pats. The layer should be lighter, especially in the forehead and cheeks. 

3 – Around the eyes you must draw heavy shadows with your eyeliner pencil. 

4 – Now extends the shadows of your eyes with black eye shadow color. To do this using a brush and a draw a half inch ring around the eyes. 

5 – Dripping some artificial blood near the mouth, chin and neck. 

6 – To end your zombie makeup, add a small piece of putty up between fingers and stick to your skin with a little glue eyelashes. Then paint the piece with the base of white and green, to finally add fake blood. 

And you have a great makeup to complete your great zombie costume, ready for Halloween.



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