disney on ice 2020

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In just a few weeks the new Disney on Ice 2020 show arrives in our country: Disney on Ice 100 years of Magic. It will be between February 27 and March 15. And we will have the opportunity to enjoy the event in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. Do not forget to buy your Disney tickets on the website of Proactiv, promoter of the event.

But as interesting as knowing everything about this Disney on Ice 2020 can be knowing some of the interiors of the show. So today we are going to discover the secrets of the true protagonists: skaters.

disney on ice 2020

Skater on Disney on Ice: effort and sacrifice

The level of demand for a show like Disney on Ice 2020 is especially high. Therefore, David Faria Oliveira, one of the skaters of the cast, explains that the main ingredients to be part of are “passion for acting, persistence and determination.” And it is that a professional career as a skater in events of these characteristics translates into about 20 years of dedication and more than 45,000 km of travel throughout the world.

In this kind of shows, skaters work really hard. And so they have to train intensively. In fact, every event like Disney on Ice 2020 hides more than 370 hours of ice rehearsal. The result is artists capable of rotating 300 rotations per minute and skating at a speed of up to 30 kilometers per hour.

In addition, the creative team strives for months so that each edition of the show exceeds the previous one. Cindy Stuart, choreographer of Disney On Ice, explains that “ice forces the protagonists to be in constant motion. Therefore, and to ensure that the individual gestures of the characters are as faithful as possible to fiction, we carry out a thorough research process with each of them.

disney on ice 2020

Disney on Ice 2020: 100 years of magic

As we told you, this edition of Disney on Ice will arrive in our country between February 27 and March 15. With shows in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Below you have the dates and place of each event:

Disney on Ice Madrid

  • Event venue: WiZink Center, Av. Felipe II, s / n
  • Dates: From February 27 to March 1.

Disney on Ice Barcelona

  • Event venue: Palau Sant Jordi, Passeig Olímpic, 5-7
  • Dates: March 5-8.

Disney on Ice Sevilla

  • Event venue: San Pablo Sports Center, Kansas City Ave., s / n.
  • Dates: March 12-15.

And remember that you can buy your Disney tickets on the Proactiv portal. What are you waiting for!

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