The watches of the moment are by Maurice Lacroix

The watches of the Swiss brand Maurice Lacroix are synonymous with innovation and perfectionism, with a unique reputation. Maurice Lacroix’s commitment is to maintain the best of tradition and the high level of watchmaking craftsmanship. For over 40 years, Maurice Lacroixe watches have been manufactured at the company’s cutting-edge workshops in Saignelegier. This implies going through a high quality process that translates into skilled craftsmanship, industrial experience, technological capacity and a pronounced sense of quality. Maurice Lacroix’s magnificent mechanical watches are produced with the utmost precision and perfection by experienced watchmakers in their own watchmaking facilities. Their deep respect for tradition is reflected in the knowledge passed on to each generation of their expert watchmakers. The perfect assembly of parts […]

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relojes grand seiko

Our friends from Laguarda, the best online jewelry store in Barcelona, reminded us a few days ago that not long ago the 20th anniversary of the appearance of Grand Seiko watches was celebrated. And as among the collectors of quality watches there is always the absurd controversy surrounding these popular pieces, it has seemed a good idea to make an article about it. Can we consider high-level Grand Seiko watches such as Omega or Rolex? Let’s examine the Grand Seiko watches Looking at the Grand Seiko watches up close, we immediately noticed how the boxes are worked. They are complex and with many faces. And Seiko uses it to alternate a very fine satin with mirror polished surfaces. A polishing […]

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How to clean gold jewelry effectively

Today we are going to talk about how we should clean our gold jewelry in an effective way with the help of our friends from Laguarda. We already know that jewelry can become one of the most valuable and important objects we have. Not only because we like the jewel itself, but because of the sentimental value to which most of them are tied. The clear example is wedding rings. Our engagement ring is a jewel that will accompany us every day, so it is very important that we devote special care to our jewels and that we have all the necessary information about what is the best way to treat them. Gold is one of the toughest metals that […]

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relojes seiko

If you like watches, you will surely have heard about Seiko Sumo watches. Belonging to the Prospex family, it is a mid-range automatic diving watch that enjoys fame and recognition of much more valuable pieces. It is a battle watch, water resistant to 200 meters and with ISO 6425 certificate, but with an appearance closer to the expensive Marine Master series. From the hand of Laguarda Joiers, the best online watchmaking in Barcelona, we will know the reason for the fame of these Seiko watches. Seiko Sumo Watches: Technical Specifications Origin: Japanese Crystal Type: Hardlex Crystal Visualization: Analog with fluorescent lumens on needles and markers Case material: Stainless Steel Belt material: Plastic resin or Steel, depending on the model Diameter: […]

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Tissot watches incorporate advanced features and a meticulous design

A watch is the jewel or complement in which the importance of design goes hand in hand with utility. The watch brand will also give us many clues about what we can expect from it in all aspects. And depending on our expectations and possibilities, we will opt for one brand or another. Tissot watches, Maserati watches, Junghans watches … there are as many options as doubts may arise. But regardless of what we look for and our tastes, a watch is always expected to be trusted. Again, the watch brand will guide us a lot about it. For example, Tissot watches are usually a highly valued option, and there is no reason to do so. The Swiss brand incorporates […]

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Many jewels represent some of the most important moments of our life, and the most symbolic in that sense are the wedding bands. When it comes to choosing them there are several factors to consider: choosing wedding bands is the highlight of the preparations. Beyond the rest of the jewels, wedding bands are the symbol of the union between two people and are charged with a unique meaning. Since it is a jewel that is expected to shine all your life, you have to be very sure of the material and design chosen. The budget factor is decisive, as well as correct with the measure. Even so, buying wedding bands online is also an option for many future bride and groom. Let’s […]

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If your gold garments look a little dull, like opaque, do not worry. It is something usual for gold jewelry. But it has a remedy! And you do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive jewelry cleaners to get them to shine again. We have spoken with our friends at Laguarda, our reference online jewelry store in Barcelona, and they have given us some tips to clean our gold garments with some simple homemade tricks. CLEAN THE GOLDEN GARMENTS WITH DISHWASHING LIQUID For this simple trick we will need: Liquid dishwashing detergentA bowl of warm water (better is gasified water without sodium or carbonated water).A soft bristle toothbrushA pasta strainer or a metal coffee filter (optional)A soft clothWe start by […]

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When we speak of Maurice Lacroix watches it is impossible to overlook their artisanal mastery and the originality of their designs, some of them impressive. And with its latest addition, the Masterpiece Square Wheel, the Swiss firm reaffirms once again the fame that precedes it. Within the Maurice Lacroix watches, the Masterpiece collection already surprised by the innovation of its design in 2010, and with each new release captures the attention of lovers of avant-garde design. The so-called retrograde watches, such as the Masterpiece Square Wheel, are one of the specialties of the Maurice Lacroix watch brand as well as chronographs. They are characterized by having jumping needles that move in arc to their destination and once reached the indicated value, return from a jump to […]

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