Madrid Summer Fest

Madrid Sumer Festival is a new musical venture launched jointly by two leading companies in the music industry, Proactiv and Voltereta Tour.  Show ticket sales at Proactiv. Wizink Center Concert With seating, security measures and reduced capacity to avoid COVID-19, the WiZink Center offered spectators the best music of the year from the best artists.  Thanks to the large surface of the WiZink Center, the former Palacio de Madrid, allowed the Madris Sumer Festival to take place without any problem.  The WiZink Center in Madrid offers a larger capacity and maintains the necessary security compared to the private way implemented so far due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Anti-covid measures at the WiZink Center One of the most striking aspects is […]

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Stay homas

The Spanish musical trio known as Stay Homas, composed of Klaus Stroink, 25, Guillem Boltó (26) and Rai Benet (29) emerged during the period of confinement caused by Covid-19. These three friends and companions in an attic located in the Esquerra de l’Eixample (Barcelona), decided to take out their guitars and in less than 10 minutes they improvised a song in Portuguese. How did they become known? Thanks to this first song composed by the three Catalans, the group Stay triumphed among friends and family. To make themselves known, they recorded themselves with their cell phones and the group member named Rai Benet uploaded the video to the social network Instagram, titled Coronão.  Over a bossa nova rhythm, mentions of […]

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