Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 in Groot-Zundert in the Netherlands and used colour as his main symbol. 

Van Gogh’s paintings have touched cultures all over the world. For this reason, the Vincent Van Gogh Experience was created. An interactive exhibition where you can touch, hear and see the famous artist.

More than 125,000 people visited the “multisensory experience” that came to Barcelona directly from Holland. Find tickets for the Van Gogh Barcelona exhibition at Proactiv. 

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh has become one of the most important figures in the art world, his oil paintings are exhibited in museums or appreciated by millions of people around the world through social networks.

Van Gogh experience

Thanks to the 1,500 square metre exhibition in Barcelona, fans of Van Gogh’s paintings can still delve into the life of one of the world’s most famous post-impressionist painters.

The Van Gogh exhibition in Barcelona is characterised by being exciting and realistic, offering an interactive tour in which visitors can “touch the painter’s work and experience his passion up close”.

What is the Van Gogh exhibition in Barcelona like?

The content of the exhibition includes projections, reproductions, sounds, real reproductions of the scenes depicted in his canvases, personal letters and ideas from Dutch painters, which will make the public “feel part of the painting”.

The Vincent Van Gogh encounter scenes focus on key moments in the artist’s life and provide the audience with an innovative way to experience art through hands-on interaction, research or entertainment.

Van Gogh exhibition barcelona

The exhibition consists of several parts through which visitors can learn about and be inspired by the turbulent life of this famous painter. In addition to the technologically advanced digital projections, special attention must be paid to the rest of the senses. 

This makes Meet Vincent Van Gogh a multi-sensory exhibition. It is this space that provides information on in-depth and practical knowledge of different topics, such as concept development, brand marketing and educational communication.

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