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We have been talking about our favorite souvenir shop in Barcelona, ​​the BadFriends Store, for a few months. And we have already told you why it is precisely our favorite souvenir shop. You already know. BadFriends are original, authentic original gifts. They are not the simple and typical typical Spanish souvenirs that you find in all the souvenir shops of the tourist areas of our country. And, in addition, it is authentic design made in Barcelona. It is definitely original gifts and souvenirs. All kinds of objects that both serve as souvenirs of your visit to Barcelona as an original gift if you want to surprise a family member or friend on an anniversary or at a party.

And as a sample of what we tell you, today we are going to talk about the stuffed animals of the Bad Friends Gang, the funniest and coolest stuffed animals you can find. We assure you! Although before talking to you about stuffed animals, it might be a good idea to explain a little about what BadFriends Gang is.

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BadFriends Gang, a band of very animal friends

BadFriends Gang is the Bad Friends gang of friends, the four iconic friends that form the basic design structure of this souvenir shop.

This gang of friends malotes is formed by:

  • BadToro: BadToro was the first member of the band. He was born in 2005 in Barcelona. With a rebellious soul and tireless personality, he is the bravest and most launched member of the gang.
  • BadElk: BadElk comes from the far Nordic regions. With a philosopher’s soul, his passion for Norse mythology makes him the most intelligent and cultured of the Bad Friends.
  • BadBulldog: BadBulldog is a posh dog born in the most luxurious area of London who says rudeness in French and is believed to be the center of the Universe.
  • BadXolo: BadXolo is a street dog, worker and anti-systems that expresses with his impudence the crude reality that we all think of our intimacy.

Bad Friends gang stuffed animals

Since in 2005 the BadFriends Store began its journey with its first brand, BadToro, one of its star products has always been stuffed animals. BadToro stuffed animals can be found in different models: in black, in red and in normal size, large and medium. Also popular are Teddy BadToro keychains, also in black or red, with a small stuffed animal of the popular icon.

As for the smart BadElk, at the moment it only exists in normal measure, in the two colors of the brand, in red and black, but both absolutely achuchables.

Unfortunately, at the moment there are still no stuffed animals of the two dogs of the gang, BadBulldog and BadXolo, but soon they will be available in the same format as the rest of the panda.

So you know, if you are looking for really funny and original stuffed animals or just want to slap one of the most interesting souvenir shop in Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate to visit the BadFriends Store.

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