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If there is a really delicious snack it is the smoked salmon. Typical kitchens Traditional northern Europe as well as Canada and the northern United States, obtained by exposing the smoke salmon special conditions for submission , then , as large fillets . Smoked salmon can be of two types : cold smoked sliced ​​at low temperatures, and smoking hot . Most of the smoked salmon we eat has been Cold smoking , by direct exposure of smoke coming directly from the wood combustion. Cold smoking does not cook the fish , which gives it a texture more delicate. On the other hand , domestically, there is widespread marinated salmon , cold , with a mixture of salt , sugar and dill , which is a very similar final product smoked industrially and economically.

Salmón ahumado una delicatessen con muchas propiedades 1

Preparation of smoked salmon

After passing a strict quality control, whole salmon are filleted and are eliminated thorns and fat until a clean piece of salmon. Clean fillet fat and bones, hand is salted with coarse salt, putting more salt in the of the head and back in the queue. Then the salmon is placed on metal grids and these grills on a carriage which is capable of carrying about 200 kg of fillets and salted. The carriage in a room kept at 3 ° C for 24 hours, thereby ensuring the proper penetration salt in the fish. After the steak is cleaned with water and removed all the salt that might be still salmon above. Then the salmon is placed inside the smoker where it rests between 9 and 12 hours at 24ºC and a humidity of 75%. Once smoked is reweighed (usually loses about 10% by weight). And then returns to be placed in the ripening room for at least 24 hours. After this process, the fish is ready to be packed. In the packing room, the salmon is trimmed and the excess fat is removed, you remove the skin and cut into slices. A Once sliced, small piles that are placed neatly prepared and closed in a vacuum bag.

Beneficios del salmón ahumado

It is known by all that smoked salmon is a delicacy, with a delicious flavor, a nice texture, an attractive color and is able to satisfy the palates more exquisite. But what we know is that it is not only a tasty food. He smoked salmon is also a very healthy product. Its main feature is its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for reduce levels of bad cholesterol, but also important for many other diseases such as depression, dry eyes, inflammation resulting from arthritis or osteoarthritis, etc. Smoked salmon is also an important source of vitamin D. Each 100 g of this Fish contain 19 ug of vitamin D is vital for calcium absorption. Therefore salmon Smoking is ideal for people with osteoporosis and for children in growing age. In addition, it also has a high content of vitamin B3. 100 g of smoked salmon contains 13.70 mg of vitamin B3. This vitamin is essential for growth, keeps the good condition of the nervous system, it improves the circulatory system, keeps skin healthy and stabilizes blood glucose.

Salmón ahumado una delicatessen con muchas propiedades 2

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