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Imagine for a moment that you are in Malaga and a new weekend dawns. After a restful break, or maybe not so much, you feel like getting up to face the day eating something appetizing that goes beyond a simple breakfast. You think of a Malaga brunch restaurant where you can enjoy a meal that is neither too light nor too heavy, and that contains a little bit of everything, both sweet and salty. The answer lies in Matiz, the Malaga brunch restaurant, specialist like few in the current gastronomic trend called brunch. Because there are many restaurants in Malaga, but if you have good taste you better trust what for many is the best Malaga restaurant: the Matiz.

But it can also happen that, although you like to eat well, you are still not clear about what a “brunch” is, a term that for many people continues to be unknown. The word comes from English, and is a combination of “Breakfast” and “Lunch”, that is, breakfast and lunch. And the term defines very well is what you sew, since brunch is a meal designed for when it is already too late for breakfast, but you also do not feel like eating with the forcefulness of noon. Without a doubt, the practicality of this option is what has made the brunch so successful.

Matiz: Malaga brunch restaurant to hit

Despite its recent success, which seems to be on the rise, the truth is that brunch is not so new, as it became popular in the late 19th century. That yes, it did between the British of high class, and no. crossed the Atlantic until the early 1900s, gradually conquering the Americans. And from then until now, without haste but without pause, the popularity of brunch has not stopped growing, becoming one of the biggest gastronomic trends of our days.

And what exactly does a brunch contain that can be tasted in a Malaga restaurant like Matiz? One that is authentic has to include several dishes capable of creating a gastronomic experience where eggs, a variety of breads, fruit, fresh juices and excellent coffee are not lacking. At first glance it may sound like a “hearty breakfast”, but nothing is further from reality.

One of the star ingredients in any brunch is eggs, which can be cooked in different ways at the chef’s suggestion. For example, some poached eggs accompanied by a muffin, tomato slices with basil, kale and crispy bacon.

But the possibilities are endless, and everything will depend on the good work of Malaga restaurants, such as the Matiz, which is characterized by its cuisine full of nuances.

Fruit and other finishing touches

The same happens with the fruit, it can be present in many ways, both fresh and in juice, stuffed croissants, accompanied by vanilla cream, for example … This is why brunches in Matiz give so much play, since it is an opportunity so that from basic foods they make a small work of art.

Dessert and coffee cannot be missing either, and at brunch they can be made up of tartlets, cakes, cookies, cupcakes … even ice cream, why not? And as a colophon, a good coffee or tea, to suit the diner. If brunch is enjoyed in a place like Matiz, without haste and with the pleasant atmosphere that characterizes it, it is likely to last over time. If so, welcome to the most suitable place, because in Matiz you can taste some of the best Malaga cocktails. And so, chaining moments, you can arrive at dinner time without hardly realizing it … It will be another a new opportunity for enjoyment.

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