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Rice is one of the fundamental ingredients of Spanish gastronomy, very present in the best restaurants in Mallorca. In fact it is one of the most consumed foods worldwide thanks to its versatility , since it can be prepared in many ways.

Spain is the second rice producing country in Europe, and our gastronomy is famous precisely for some dishes with this cereal as the protagonist . The paellas and seafood rices of the best restaurants in Mallorca, such as Salicornia, are an excellent example of this, as well as a claim.

The Mediterranean diet, which we luckily enjoy, is perfect to get the most out of rice dishes. The possibilities of this healthy cereal are practically endless. Nutritionally, it is healthy, digestive, gluten and cholesterol free, and it is rich in carbohydrates . It can be used as a main dish, garnish and even dessert, accompanying vegetables, vegetables, legumes, meats, fish or seafood. Combining it with the right ingredients and skillfully preparing it to enrich the flavor, you get unique dishes , such as the rice dishes of Majorcan seafood cuisine.

Salicornia: among the best restaurants in Mallorca

Going to a restaurant to enjoy rice is synonymous with a special moment, as well as a habitual custom in our country. It is usually a dish to share, and it has to be at its exact point when it is served at the table. The approximate preparation time in a restaurant is 30 to 40 minutes approximately , although it may vary depending on the variety of the dish.

The Spanish gastronomy is verbose in different rice specialties: paella, baked rice, black rice, arroz a banda, arroz caldoso … Among the best restaurants in Mallorca, Salicornia stands out, in the Sant Jordi neighborhood, With its authentic seafood cuisine and a menu that varies daily according to fresh market produce, Salicornia rice dishes are a gastronomic experience . His main rice specialties are:

Dried seafood rice: with shrimp, Norway lobster, squid and mussels.
“Brut”: with rib, picantón, vegetables and blood sausage
Sweet lobster “acquerello”: with artichokes and saffron.
Mellow lobster “acquerello”

They are rices made with great care and they are one of the most authentic Balearic Mediterranean flavor. In the Salicornia restaurant they usually spend 35 minutes cooking it and they use two types of rice depending on the preparation: bomba and carnaroli. To make it you can use up to three containers: paella, can, and casserole, the latter even for individual portions, also to take away.

The gastronomic delights of the Sant Jordi neighborhood

This small fishing village located at the southern tip of the island is a tourist attraction with a lot to offer. The nature of the area is verbose, offering very good alternatives to enjoy scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, cycling or hiking . It also has. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island , “Es Trenc” , to which you can also add others such as Playa des Carbó and Ses Covetes , among others.

Among the best restaurants where you can enjoy an authentic Colonia Sant Jordi rice, Salicornia stands out. In its careful menu of dishes in which avant-garde and tradition merge perfectly , its rice and fideuás stand out.

But in addition to its menu, the Salicornia offers a Mediterranean space full of elegance and personality , with a terrace with sea views . Also highlight its bar, its signature cocktails and somoothies, as well as its terrace on the Paseo Marítimo, where you can snack among others. Without a doubt, a perfect place to enjoy the island and its genuine marine flavor.

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