Maluma, the first man to appear solo on the cover of Elle magazine

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Maluma is often in the news, and not only because of his music and his Maluma World Tour Madrid and Barcelona scheduled for 2021. The long-awaited concerts, which were postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, have been moved to 2 and 3 July 2021, and tickets can now be purchased online through Proactiv.

Another reason why Maluma is in the news these days is because he is starring solo on the cover of the prestigious US version of Elle magazine. This is the first time this has happened, hence the news, and it has taken place two months after another elite magazine, “Vogue”, put British artist Harry Styles on its cover.

The positivity and energy that Maluma transmits

These are the words Madonna dedicated to the Colombian artist in an interview, and the editor-in-chief of Elle, Nina García, also Colombian, has declared how happy she is that her compatriot is the first man to star on the cover of her magazine. “More than ever, in this 2021 we need more of this and why not say it… More of Maluma”, were the declarations of the editor, journalist and fashion critic. 

The publication also recounts her relationship with her art. “I always say that music has saved my life, saved my family. For me, music is everything,” says Maluma. 

The presence of the Colombian artist on the cover of a magazine specialising in women’s fashion and beauty, such as ELLE, is no exception. As we said, it comes two months after Vogue, its main competitor publication, gave its cover to the British artist Harry Styles.

The Colombian artist’s pose

Maluma was photographed wearing Dior clothes, printed and very colourful, with pastel tones taking centre stage.

The meteoric rise of the singer, whose upcoming tour in Spain is already available for purchase, was boosted by his Hollywood debut alongside Jennifer Lopez in the film Marry Me.

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