Maluma, the first man to appear solo on the cover of Elle magazine

Maluma is often in the news, and not only because of his music and his Maluma World Tour Madrid and Barcelona scheduled for 2021. The long-awaited concerts, which were postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, have been moved to 2 and 3 July 2021, and tickets can now be purchased online through Proactiv. Another reason why Maluma is in the news these days is because he is starring solo on the cover of the prestigious US version of Elle magazine. This is the first time this has happened, hence the news, and it has taken place two months after another elite magazine, “Vogue”, put British artist Harry Styles on its cover. The positivity and energy that Maluma transmits These […]

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stay homas

When the State of Alarm was announced throughout Spain on March 15, three musician friends who shared a flat in Barcelona set a goal for themselves. Compose a song a day and go out to the terrace of his apartment to play it. As many neighbors did on their balconies. Thus was born, spontaneously, Stay Homas. Stay Homas is made up of Klaus Stroink, voice actor as well as trumpeter for Nil Moliner, composer and member of Búhos; Rai Benet, who plays guitar in the videos but actually works as a bassist and shares the stage with Klaus in Búho and with Nil Moliner; and Guillem Boltó, trombonist and frontman of Doctor Prats, a band with 60,000 followers on Instagram. […]

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The expected return of WWE in Spain has finally been postponed to October 10, 2020. The reasons are the same that have affected most shows worldwide: force majeure due to the current pandemic. But the important thing is that the WWE show in Spain is not canceled, and the WWE Madrid tickets purchased will be valid for the new date without having to do any paperwork. This means that if you have already purchased tickets online, all you have to do is keep them. And if there is any positive part in all this, it is that when the time comes to see the WWE 2020 show we will enjoy it more than ever. They say that good things wait, […]

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A new look for your boat this summer

Having a boat or boat is a privilege in many ways, and requires a series of care that does not have to be a problem. It is all a matter of being clear about the bases of its maintenance, which include carpentry for boats, and setting a budget. With summer comes the best time to enjoy our boat, and many people look forward to the summer season for this reason. It is then when it comes time to do a “facelift” on our boat, which beyond its maintenance can be an opportunity to change its style. The worst thing that can happen to a boat is that water enters, from the carpentry for boats it becomes so important. If it […]

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At the end of last year we dedicated an article to the Maluma Phenomenon. In it we told you a little about his amazing story and we told you some things about his Maluma World Tour. Promoted by Proactiv, it was scheduled to arrive in our country on March 28 and 29. But the serious situation that we are experiencing with the coronavirus crisis and keeps us in confinement and with exceptional measures of social distancing forced the temporary suspension of the show. Temporary, of course, because Maluma was not going to stay without visiting Spain. Finalmente, las fechas de sus conciertos en nuestro país serán: • Barcelona: Sunday, September 20 at 9:00 p.m.• Madrid: Monday, September 21 at 9:00 […]

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barco de fibra

The bow and stern, port and starboard, are possibly of the few parts of a ship that the general public knows (although it may confuse, especially the last ones). Whether it is a fiber boat or a large boat, each piece of a ship has its nomenclature, clear and difficult to confuse. The reason is simple: the deafening noise of navigation during a storm forces communication to be precise, because the ship and the life of its crew are at stake. In the smaller fiber boat we will find parts such as woodland and rigging, length and keel, or codaste and wheel. With the help of V de Bravado, experts in carpentry and joinery for boats, we will discover these […]

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