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Many jewels represent some of the most important moments of our life, and the most symbolic in that sense are the wedding bands. When it comes to choosing them there are several factors to consider: choosing wedding bands is the highlight of the preparations. Beyond the rest of the jewels, wedding bands are the symbol of the union between two people and are charged with a unique meaning.

wedding bands

Since it is a jewel that is expected to shine all your life, you have to be very sure of the material and design chosen. The budget factor is decisive, as well as correct with the measure.

Even so, buying wedding bands online is also an option for many future bride and groom.

Let’s see everything you need to take into account to make a good choice of the most important jewel of our life and the options we have.


The first thing to do is set a budget: the price of the jewel will depend on the material and the design. Since there are many options nowadays, it will be easy to find alliances that fit our possibilities.

wedding bands

 And as far as design is concerned, sometimes you have things very clear even before you start looking for alliances, but in many cases it is not like that.

Also, bearing in mind that the alliance will always look on our ring, it is important to make sure that the design makes us feel comfortable.

That is why it is advisable to consult the catalog of alliances, because even if you have clear ideas, it is not ruled out that we discover a design that conquers us. If we choose online jewelery we will have it especially easy to see the different models and characteristics: classic designs in white, yellow or pink gold, bicolour with side engraving, with diamond …

To also bear in mind that times change, and just as before the wedding bands of a couple were the same, nowadays they can be completely different. It is a question of respecting each one’s style, and if it does not coincide it is no longer a problem. There is also an option that consists in sharing the same style but differentiating an alliance from the other with some bright or embedded diamond, for example.

The shape of the alliances can be round or square, as well as with a smooth or rounded surface. The finish to choose also presents variants: satin, polished, matt, textured, dotted, enameled ….

Most chosen material is usually 14, 18 or 24 carat gold in its different colors: yellow, white or pink. Platinum, titanium and even silver are also other noble materials preferred by some couples.


You just have to take a look at some online jewelry store in Barcelona , like Laguarda, to check the variety of models and designs of alliances that you can count on today. From the most minimalist to the most extravagant, and although there are more possibilities than ever to adapt to our style, it is convenient to choose a model that does not go out of style.  

wedding bands

The wedding alliance is a unique jewel with which it is convenient to feel fully identified, and if our tastes tend to vary, it is preferable to opt for a sober design.

The size of the alliance is another important factor: it should not be too loose or too tight. When determining the measure of the alliance it is preferable that it is not a day neither very cold nor very hot, since the width of the finger can vary.

One way to avoid surprises on the day of the wedding is to choose the measure at the same time of the year in which the ceremony is held, to match the temperature.

And if we want to buy the alliances in an online jewelry store, they will also give us the instructions to get the measure right. However, if for some reason we do not feel comfortable with the measure chosen after the wedding, we can always go to our jeweler to adjust the alliance to the size we prefer.

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